Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Road is Open Again!

There's a new day in view
There is gold in the blue
There is hope in hearts of men.
All the world's on the way, to a sunnier day,
Cause the road is open again.
There's a note of repair
There's a song in the air
It's the music of busy men,
Every plow in the land, meets a happier hand
Cause the road is open again.
There's an Eagle blue
In the White House, too,
On the shoulders of our President there.
With a lusty call, telling one and all,
Brother, do your share!
There's a new day in view,
There is gold in the blue,
There is hope in the hearts of men,
From the plain to the hill,
From the farm to the mill,
All the road is open, again.

Song written for The Road is Open Again, circa 1933, for this short film by Warner Brothers for the NRA -- that's
National Recovery Administration, folks. It was one of several films I saw on a visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico in October. The historic 1931 Lensic theatre hosted an evening of The New Deal on Film. The entire audience sang along. Just before the election, it was uncannily stirring, a real "we're all in this together" moment. The road is open, again.

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