Tuesday, August 12, 2008

EVERYTHING MUST GO: Saturday, August 16

It's a yard sale, but we don't have a yard any more because the owners paved it over. It's a garage sale, except we don't have those either. It's a tag sale, but we might just use masking tape, or make everything one dollar. It's a rummage sale, but this stuff too FINE to be just "rummage."

Polly and Camron Purge: and you win
Saturday, August 16, 10 - 4:00ish
4701 San Leandro Street, Oakland
Donuts, BBQ, Beer, and stuff for cheap or for the takin'

Come early, come often, but please, come and take some of this stuff off our hands.

...and who knows what Camron's got up in there.